First Destination: Los Angeles

I spent quite awhile gazing out across the city, taking in the glowing lights and the crisp night air. It was the perfect end to my first day in Los Angeles… … More First Destination: Los Angeles


Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List

I decided that for my backpacking style, I would lean toward a very minimalistic one. While I heard many people recommending 60 – 75 litre backpacks, I bought a 30 litre backpack and shaved down my packing list to the bare essentials. … More Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List

Travel Plans

In one week, I will be leaving Miami for four months, on a trip across Europe and beyond. I could not be more excited! I still cannot quite believe that in such a short time, I will actually be in the beautiful places that I have read and dreamt about for all of my life. … More Travel Plans



Flying into my destination, I woke up to hear the pilot announcing that we were beginning our descent. Outside my window was a beautiful sunrise, the sky streaked with peach and rose hues. There were a carpet of low hanging clouds hugging the ground below us, and knifing through them was the skyline of Chicago. … More Chicago


Fort Myers, Florida

We walked onto the beach, which was mostly deserted, and onto the creamy white sand. I was delighted to find that it was velvety soft, like walking over a carpet of powdered sugar. I was also delighted to realize that my sisters and I could leave our purses on the shore without any fear of them being stolen… … More Fort Myers, Florida


The Best Small Town: Charlottesville, Virginia

When I lived in Charlottesville, I lived in an apartment with walls painted like murals. I worked in a busy Cuban coffee shop, and would go to visit the bookstore next door. I’ve always been drawn back to the tiny town. … More The Best Small Town: Charlottesville, Virginia


10 Observations Living in Miami

When you mention that you live in Miami, especially in the winter, people automatically sigh with jealousy. One of my favorite things about living there was, of course, the tropical sunshine and ocean breezes. … More 10 Observations Living in Miami