Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List

I decided that for my backpacking style, I would lean toward a very minimalistic one. While I heard many people recommending 60 – 75 litre backpacks, I bought a 30 litre backpack and shaved down my packing list to the bare essentials. … More Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List


6 Goals for 2016

J’apprend fran├žais! Or, trying to, at least. Growing up, I have always been fascinated by other languages. I spent a lot of time devoted to language learning when I was younger, but would always move on to another language right when I was at the point of understanding basic conversation. Well, I am determined that that will not happen this time! … More 6 Goals for 2016

10 Observations Living in Richmond

I grew up in the Richmond area, and recently moved back as an adult, this time to an apartment downtown. Here are some of my observations about living in the Virginia state capital. … More 10 Observations Living in Richmond


10 Observations Living in Miami

When you mention that you live in Miami, especially in the winter, people automatically sigh with jealousy. One of my favorite things about living there was, of course, the tropical sunshine and ocean breezes. … More 10 Observations Living in Miami