Hello, I’m Jordan, and I’m a twenty-something explorer, traveler, photographer, videographer, Youtuber, reader, writer, list maker, stock trader and much more!

Growing up, I read endless books about faraway places, and always dreamed of visiting them myself.

from a hot air balloon
hot air ballooning in Virginia

By now, I’ve had a lot of experiences, many of them inspired by the books that I read. I left university a few years ago to go on a 700 mile walking road trip, worked at more than a few coffee shops, moved to Florida, and amassed a collection of over 7,000 books.

In 2014, I had an awakening of sorts, and decided that I wanted to work toward achieving my dreams. I had slaved away at a difficult job for years, and even though I had received promotions within the company, my life felt hollow. Although there have been a few delays along the way (all of them great and part of my adventure), I am now looking forward to seeing more of the world, discovering new things, immersing myself in other cultures, and speaking words in other languages.

in Chicago

I hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures!


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  1. Hi Jordan , my name is Riaz , I’m from Pakistan… it’s an immense pleasure for me to text u in order to get in touch with u. Dear, your visit to Pakistan was a great achievement of yours…the way you visited to different monuments , was no doubt a great experience …. I m extremely eager to join you on such campaign, especially in Pakistan… I’m your great fan , and love to see your dauntless figure hanging around in different spots… the tallest the magical, the inspiring you are! I will look forward to have your response…
    Regards ….


  2. Hi Jordan

    I really liked your all videos but specially I liked is about you Pakistan’s Tour. If you came to Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan you would enjoyed a lot also and some videos about Thar deserts and people. the most wonderful place to visit is NagarParkar near to Pak-India Border.

    Here is my contact Numbers:



  3. Hi Jordan,
    Am now beginning to watch yr video on Pakistan. I really like Video on Xian.
    Like to know which part of the year were u there w all the lanterns everywhere. So so beautiful.
    I hope u stay strong & keep doing those video. God bless.


  4. Hi Jordan,
    Thanks to capture Pakistan, sad to hear about your incident in India.
    Simple words, you’re a great inspiration, your personality and exploring world are something which I can’t explain in my words (searching for words but fail).
    Best of luck for your future.


  5. Hey hello Jordan. I am from 🇮🇳 and a die hard fan of yours. Love your videos on YouTube but dissatisfied with your visit to India. You didn’t visited to the peak locations of India like Mumbai,Chennai,Bangalore,Kolkata,Varanasi,ahmedabad,Amritsar and a lot more… AND in Delhi you didn’t visited the main attractions like rail museum,The Lutyens Delhi,akshardham temple and lotus temple.I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE HARASSMENT THAT HAPPENED WITH YOU BUT THE GANG THAT HARRASES FOREIGNERS IN DELHI IS CAUGHT BY THE SECRET SERVICES. While travelling in India please carry a strong pepper spray with you And please revisit India’s prime locations and enjoy a lot.

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  6. Hello Jordan!! ‘u r very beautiful😍😍😍.. I love your videos I suggest you to come to Srinagar n visit gulmarg(world famous skiing n tourist spot) Mughal gardens, sonmarg, leh kargil.. I’m sure Insha Allah you will love all these places n kashmiris ..n Insha Allah it will be a safe journey just select summer season n right time according to your information …not only this u will love it’s cuisine, it’s art, it’s culture n it’s people, at least just search abt it at once 😊
    Anyways lots of love ❤


  7. And also Your Editing Skills are Exceptionally Good. I loove your Video graphy. That slow mo’s and Zooms out are gonna kill me.. Its like i am looking a Hollywood Cinematics.

    Do follow me on Instagram


  8. *Hello Miss Jordan!*
    I’m a great fan of Yours. Happy to see you in my country 🇵🇰. The very thing I love about you is the Passion and dedication of yours towards Traveling and Exploring Nature. That inspires me alot when you talk about to love the mother nature. Felt sorry what happened in India but Im sure that doesn’t demote your love to explore the world.

    Hoping to see more of you in the upcoming years.

    Danial Ahmed


  9. Hi happy to see you in Pakistan and thank you so much exploring our country and visiting, I love to vlogging but not ever I wish and request to you can we travel together in Pakistan there is no one went hope we can make some fantastic videos. Will wait for your reply I was looking your email but can’t find so sending you here message. Jamalriaz88@gmail.com


    1. It was in the news so often, that India is a very dangerous country to visit, especially for females! There are many sick evil men ratings neighbors’ babies, little toddlers, girls, young ladies! Many have been BRUTALITY beaten, gang raped n died from it. It was in the news so many times. Even the public took matters into their own hands, PUNISHING the sick evil men!

      Satan is taking all these evil rapists/men to Hell falling like snowflakes into the ABYSS of HELLFIRE for ETERNITY!!!!

      Pse to all the females, mothers, n parents in India, to watch n keep your babies, children close to you, parents. Do not leave them out of your sight!!!!

      Pray that all children n babies be protected from these evil monsters!


  10. Hey this is Aditya from North Eastern India. I love seeing Ur travel videos especially of Pakistan. The way you presented Pakistan and its people was tremendous. I was very sad and embarrassed when I came to know your scary experience in India. Couldn’t feel more shame than ever too call myself Indian. Wish we could do something about those hooligans who caused discomfort to you during your trip. I request you not to hold negative thought about us as a whole as all of us are not the same. Even India is very beautiful just like Pakistan ,it’s just some bad people who are spoiling our image in this world. I can assure you that it’s going to be better in coming days because the present government is working really hard to improve the environment especially for foreign tourists. Hope you get this message and forgive us as a whole and give another chance. I will also try to spread Ur bad experience so that the government can take necessary action against bad people like them.

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    1. Hi there. Aditya agarwalla here from Assam,India. Visiting Pakistan is my ultimate dream. I love to see Pakistan in media and other possible channels. My grandfather came from Lahore a month before Independence . Since then no one from our family has been there. I don’t know how possibly I can get there since I live in far Eastern part of India. Reply me if you can prepare an itinerary for me of a safe tour. I love mountains and yeah your cities as well.


  11. Hello Jordan, you are the boss of travel, Good looking, with a humble attitude and an inspiring traveler in the world. I appreciate for your kind work. I am Tanvir, A big fan of you in youtube. I have seen most of your youtube videos which are so epic , heart touching, incredible, cultural and colourful. My desire is to be the best traveler like you. Your attitude is as much massive that i can’t explain it in words. i am giving all of the prayers for you. you will be in my heart. love you.bye..


  12. Hello Jordan, you are the boss of travel, Good looking, with a humble attitude and an inspiring traveler in the world. I appreciate for your kind work. I am Tanvir, A big fan of you in youtube. I have seen most of your youtube videos which are so epi, heart touching, incredible, cultural and colourful. My desire is to be the best traveler as you. Your attitude is as much massive that i can’t explain it in words. i am giving all of the prayer for you. you will be in my heart. love you.bye..


  13. Pakistan is very good place for tourists. I would suggest you to visit Pakistan once and give your honest feedback. In one of your Egyptian videos you admitted that media portraits the image of some place very differently, hope you will come to Pak 😉


  14. I particularly like watching your China videos. I’ve been to China on a number of occasions particularly, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and HK on typical business trips but I never got to really explore it.


  15. Hi Jordan tnx for enlightening me about investing in a stock exchange …. im one your subscriber in youtube, currently im researching to educate myself about investing… take care always on your adventure tnx for visiting the Philippines … stay gorgeous and sexy….


  16. Hi Jordan ,
    Can we have someone from ur team to get in touch with us ..We would like to sit with a project for which we feel a colabration might help us ….


  17. Hello Jordan, just saw a few of your YouTube vlogs and this website. Thanks for posting your experiences. It gives all of us wannabe travelers hope. I particularly like your nuts and bolts detail on the cost of different places because that’s what gives alot of us pause. You are also showing that it can be done, kudos to you. Few people have the nerve and courage to follow their dreams at such a young age. Keep it coming. Best wishes.


  18. Jordan, just want to leave a message here and say you are a true inspiration. Someday I wish to leave my possession behind and travel fulltime too. Let me know next time if you are in Singapore! Let’s grab some coffee together. 🙂

    – Nicole

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