Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List

When I was going over what I wanted to pack for my four months of travel, I did a lot of research. There is certainly much advice out there, and what people decide to take along in their backpacks and suitcases varies widely.

I decided that for my backpacking style, I would lean toward a very minimalistic one. While I heard many people recommending 60 – 75 litre backpacks, I bought a 30 litre backpack and shaved down my packing list to the bare essentials.

I worried, after ordering my backpack online, that it would end up being too small to fit everything that I needed. Another concern of mine was that I was traveling at the end of winter in Europe. Would all of the warm, heavier clothes that I’d be bringing fit?

Here is everything that I will be bringing on my trip!

everything I'm packing.JPG



Since I’ll be arriving in Europe in February, and staying through the spring, I decided to bring more lightweight clothes that could, in colder temperatures, be worn in layers. Once it gets warmer, layering won’t be necessary anymore, but the clothes that I have will still be fine.

  • 1 heavy sweater
  • 2 short-sleeve t-shirts
  • 1 long-sleeve shirt
  • 2 small tank tops for layering
  • infinity scarf
  • jacket
  • black jeans
  • comfortable yoga pants
  • gloves
  • leg warmers (just in case it’s colder than expected)
  • sturdy leather boots
  • day bag
  • bikini
  • 5 pairs of underwear
  • 5 pairs of socks



Some people won’t need to bring as many electronics as I am, but since I want to keep editing and uploading videos / photos as I travel – plus the fact that I work online – means that it’s a necessity for me.

  • Apple MacBook Air with carrying case
  • mini wireless mouse
  • laptop charger
  • Canon G7X camera with carrying case
  • camera charger
  • 2 extra camera batteries
  • 3 extra SD cards
  • SD card reader
  • mini camera tripod
  • selfie stick
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • phone charger
  • Pocketjuice phone charger
  • universal travel plug adapter
  • earbuds
  • micro 128 GB hard drive


Health / Beauty

I’m not a high maintenance person that knows a whole lot about makeup and controlling my unruly mane of hair. So I had initially thought that this section would be small. But as I packed, I realized that there are a lot of little toiletries that you don’t think about, that start adding up to a lot of space. I separated my makeup and other, non-spillable things like razor heads, floss, and such into my makeup bag, and put the rest in sealable ziploc bags.

  • makeup (nothing fancy – concealer, 1 eyeliner, 1 eye shadow, light lipstick)
  • toothbrush / toothpaste / floss
  • my Invisalign braces
  • contacts / solution
  • shampoo / conditioner
  • moisturizer
  • mini deodorant
  • foldable travel hairbrush
  • glasses



And then… all of that other, un-categorizable stuff!

  • travel towel
  • drawstring laundry bag (so as not to keep dirty clothes with clean)
  • spork
  • some large ziploc bags (if it starts raining, I’ll put my camera / phone inside)
  • journal / pens
  • combination lock
  • Passport of course!
  • and then, obviously… money and credit cards


So, that is everything that I am taking with me for four months of travel! I’ll be traveling with a 30 litre Tom Bihn Aeronaut.

I’ll do a follow-up review once I get back on the backpack, and how my packing selections ended up working out.

what i'm packing - me.png
everything I’m bringing – including myself, but of course


See My Packing Video on my Youtube Channel!

6 thoughts on “Packing for 4 Months of Travel: Minimalist Packing List

  1. Hi,

    Myself Mohamed Anees everyone use my name Anees. I am different thinker i think everything possible in our life except death. Ofcourse we can make impossible as possible. You are the best real example to my word. I already comment you to meet me directly and sent through email. Which you have mentioned in discription under video in your taj mahal video but no response. If you think you make my dream come true.

    Thanks for your valuable time spent for this words.


  2. Great packing list, I find it funny when I see enormous backpacks when I’m travelling, it’s completely unnecessary imo. Save on luggage fees too even though I’ve started to get the bus everywhere lately.


  3. So looking forward to your review of your bag and packing list! I’ve been eyeing the Aeronaut 30 for weeks now, can’t really bring myself to spend that amount of cash close to our next trip – keep thinking about all the nights those $$ would buy on Airbnb… Still, I have my virtual shopping cart full of goodies and might just splurge anyway 😉


  4. Whether it’s enough depends on where in Europe you will be, among other things. In Norway it will probably be too cold. In Greece it might be OK. An umbrella and a rain jacket might be useful, but that just like pretty much everything else you can get locally.

    Liked by 1 person

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