Travel Plans

In one week, I will be leaving Miami for four months, on a trip across Europe and beyond. I could not be more excited! I still cannot quite believe that in such a short time, I will actually be in the beautiful places that I have read and dreamt about for all of my life.

Before I leave for Europe, I will be visiting Los Angeles with my sister Blair (see her blog here). I love the idea of meeting up with my her in another part of the country! Initially, I had planned my weekend trip to L.A. to be an entirely separate trip from the rest of it all. But then I decided that if I was in California, I just couldn’t skip San Francisco – a place that I’ve been dying to visit for years.

And so, destination number two became San Francisco.

The problem with a smaller city like San Fran is that it’s pretty expensive to fly out of, especially to the east coast. And especially to an even smaller airport like Richmond. The only cheap flights out of San Francisco were to New York.

And then I realized that I had to leave from JFK airport to get to Europe anyways (I booked my flight to Europe out of New York, as it is the cheapest option, but hadn’t planned out how to get to New York yet). And so, I decided that I would simply fly from California to New York city, and stay there for a week, before I flew to Spain.

And so, destination number three will be New York!

beautiful New York in autumn.jpg
a photo from my visit to New York last year

Though I had not initially planned to include New York in my travel plans… I am hardly disappointed about this, as it is one of my favorite cities, and one that I know can be explored over and over.

After a week in NYC, I will fly to my first city in Europe: Madrid, Spain.

From there, I plan to travel to Portugal, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan. If I have time, I would also love to visit Croatia, Morocco, and Romania.

I will be staying in Airbnbs and hostels along the way, and carrying only what I can fit in my backpack. I’ll be traveling minimally with a 30 litre backpack, which is considered quite small and can fit as a carry-on on even the most strict of budget airlines.

I am currently doing my best not to plan every hour of every day (I do love planning), but rather see how things unfold once I arrive.

If anyone has any tips or little pieces of advice about backpacking Europe, please let me know!

me with Tom Bihn Aeronaut backpack.jpg
me with my backpack!



Watch my video about my travel plans on my Youtube channel!


6 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. Add Dubai to your destination :). I have been doing the same thing, traveling, making money trading the market and seeing this great wide world.


  2. Wow, looks like an amazing trip ahead of you! As a vivid traveler, I can safely say that you’ll have the time of your life! If you need any tips for your destinations, feel free to ask anytime!

    Starting with New York, you may be interested in our tips on what to do in the city, which you can find here:

    We got something similiar for most European cities as well, but as you are already planning every hour, this may be a little overkill! 😉

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