6 Goals for 2016

I have always had a particular aversion to the use of the word “resolution,” feeling that it hints at resolving problems, mediating between one year and another. And then, of course, there is also the cliche that resolutions rarely end up happening.

My mother, who works as a personal fitness trainer, has always been amused that gym membership surges in January, but by the spring all of those resolution-ers have disappeared.

And so – I am calling my list goals. That has a far more positive ring to it. Here they are, in no particular order.


1. Learn French

J’apprend français! Or, trying to, at least. Growing up, I have always been fascinated by other languages. I spent a lot of time devoted to language learning when I was younger, but would always move on to another language right when I was at the point of understanding basic conversation. Well, I am determined that that will not happen this time!

learn French.JPG
studying French at Barnes & Noble

2. Build up my blog / Youtube

I have only just started up this blog and my Youtube, but I just love it so far. Even if no one ever reads my blog or watches my videos except for my Mom, I would still film and write them.

However, it would be nice if my efforts were appreciated by at least a few more people.


3. Figure out my travel / home ratio

For awhile now, my dream has been to travel full-time, paying for travel instead of for rent, and living with only what I can fit in my backpack.

However, I am going to use my upcoming trip as a sort of test run. I’ll be gone for four months, in a few U.S. cities and then Europe and beyond.

Do I think that I’ll absolutely love traveling and want to sell all of my furniture the moment that I get back? Yes!

But, I have never traveled solo in other countries for long periods of time. And so, I am going to wait until I have actually done this before I make any  longterm decisions.


4. Have Coffee All Over the World

This is a more lighthearted one, but I am a major coffee enthusiast. I love the idea of sampling cups of coffee from all around the globe. I am contemplating starting a photo series on this subject.

coffee on the water.JPG
coffee with a view at one of my favorite cafe in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5. Be More Social

Lately, I have realized that I am very closed off to talking to strangers, or opportunities to meet new people. It’s not that I’m shy or that I’m not friendly, it just never occurs me to consider actually having a conversation with someone.

There are undoubtedly many fascinating people and perspectives that I have missed out on!


6. Write More

Ever since I was a little girl, I have considered myself to be a writer. I wrote 5 novels before I turned 17 – which I still view as one of my proudest accomplishments – but after that, I experienced some disappointments with writing, and someone close to me made fun of my work and discouraged me from continuing. I also tragically had my first non-fiction book lost, and all of the work that I had put into it was gone.

Sadly, I stopped writing for the most part following these episodes. I have never tried to get any of my work published, and I have only written a handful of short stories over the past few years.

However, I know that these setbacks do not mean that I cannot write any longer. In 2016, I want to start working on a new novel. Also, writing this blog is a good first step!


3 thoughts on “6 Goals for 2016

  1. Looks like a great list. Good luck with that trip and I hope you are able to write again. That’s awesome you have written books. I’ve always thought about it but never even tried.


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